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@KanyeWest talking @adidas! #Yeezy

1. Something’s coming in June, whether that means the collection is actually releasing or if that’s just when the first images will be shared with the public is up for debate.

2. Kanye’s has gone on record saying that the collection drops in September, which would make the June date most likely a press reveal.

3. 20 sneakers were apparently designed by Kanye and the Adidas team.

3. Kanye x Adidas features both men’s and women’s collections.

5. Karmaloop is claiming that they’ll be stocking Kanye x Adidas.

6. Kanye is still referring to his sneakers as “Yeezys”.

@HVRMINN: Jazz Age Elegance - Gentlemen wear. #stylepedia

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#RedlineGraffiti is: 

Ajene Harley- Guitar
Dante Pope- Drums, Percussion
Donald Martin - Producer, Composer, Vocalist
Drew Moten - Producer, Composer, Vocalist, Bass Guitar

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This is もちアイス (#Mochiaisu) and the “soft skin” is pounded rice cake. The white stuff you see on the outside is powdered sugar so they won’t get sticky. It’s very delicious on a hot day and you can get these at the right self-serve frozen yogurt joints. #getitright #Japan

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